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Army Mentor Protégé Program

2003 [28], 2004 [36], 2005 [40], 2006 [47], 2007 [36]
Primary Focus of Products/Services
Environmental Remediation, Logistics, IT/Systems Engineering, Manufacturing, Chemical & Biological Defense
Major Programs
Chinook Helicopter, TERC, HIMARS, MILCON, BRAC, Future Combat Systems
Eligibility Requirements
» Follow Department of Army MP Program Policies and Procedures, October 2005
» Must contain quantified Protégé subcontracting opportunities
» Must have strong technical component, or focus on innovative transfer of state-of-the-art technology that support the war fighter
» Reimbursed costs must be < $500,000 total for non-manufacturing agreements and < $1 million/yr for manufacturing agreements
» Must contain a comprehensive protégé needs assessment
» Must include HBCU/MI participation
Submission and Approval Cycles
November 15, April 15
Contact Info
Army Program Manager
Wendy Despres
Phone: 703.697.2868
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